About Us


Promoting the well-being of the Hackett community by protecting and enhancing the social, cultural and physical environment in Hackett.


promote initiatives that protect and enhance the social, cultural and physical environment of Hackett;

act as point of contact for community issues;

represent the Hackett community in dealings with Government and others;

inform the community about issues concerning Hackett;

support other local community organisations such as the North Canberra Community Council and Friends of Mount Majura; and

raise funds and expend them in the pursuit of the objectives of the Association.

In early 1991, a group called the Hackett Residents Association (HRA), was formed to lobby for reopening of the Hackett Primary School, which closed in December 1990. In December 1991, the HRA supported the decision to close the Ainslie transfer station and open a new site in Mitchell. No further records about the work of the HRA could be found beyond December 1991.

In mid 2001, the ACT Government held elections for Canberra’s six Local Area Planning Advisory Councils including the Majura Local Area Planning Advisory Committee (LAPAC) which took in Hackett. Less than 12 months later the LAPACs would be replaced with Neighbourhood Planning Groups and trigger community action.

In April 2002, over 150 people attended a Hackett community meeting with the main issues for consideration including neighbourhood planning, Hackett shops, traffic, Monash Drive, airport curfews and proposed dragway development in the Majura valley.

The foundation of a community group in Hackett was actively fostered by the North Canberra Community Council (NCCC) at the time. This led to the inaugural meeting of the Hackett Community Association on 20 June 2002.

The Hackett Community Association is a not-for-profit, incorporated association (association number a03925) and is the official representative organisation for the suburb for dealing with the ACT Government. It is an affiliated member of the North Canberra Community Council.

The current committee is:

Chair Chris Mobbs
Treasurer Brook Clinton
Secretary Bruce Smith
Public Officer Terry de Luca
  •  Maureen Dawes,
  • John Carty,
  • Kay Murphy,
  • Scott Obara,
  • Barbara Mobbs

Honorary Life Members

In recognition of their long and dedicated service to the Association or suburb, a number of residents have been awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Hackett Community Association.

Terry de Luca 13 April 2021
Annette Wurm 14 September 2016
James Walker 14 September 2016
Waltraud Pix 20 October 2014
Dorothy Mackenzie 20 October 2014

Past Committees

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The Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month (except July, December and January) at 7.30pm in the room behind the main hall at the former Hackett Primary School.

Note – due to the corona virus, Committee meetings are conducted online via Zoom. If you are interested in attending, please CONTACT US using our online form to let us know your email address and we can send you a link and invite.


Please note that the draft minutes of each General Meeting are approved at the subsequent meeting and therefore the minutes of the last meeting will generally not appear on the website until about one month after the date of the previous meeting.  For example, minutes for the March meeting will not appear on the website until late April.


Please note that the final minutes of each Annual General Meeting (AGM) are approved at the following year’s AGM. However, to provide readers with current information about activities of the Committee, draft minutes of the last AGM are put on the website, with the caveat that they may be subject to change.

A new constitution based on the ‘model rules’ prescribed under the Associations Incorporation Regulation 1991 was passed at a special meeting of the Association on 27 March 2018. It is available here

The former constitution has been retained for archival purposes.

Joining HCA

Membership of the Hackett Community Association is open to anyone (over 16 years of age) who lives, works or has a business or property in Hackett.  Residents and businesses are encouraged to join and actively contribute to the Association.
It is crucial that the Association has a sufficiently large representative and active membership base to have any real influence on Government. The Government will generally only listen to community organisations such as ours when there is a significant number of active and committed residents.

It is also important that we demonstrate, as a community, that we are actively involved in shaping and influencing the direction of our community to achieve the best outcomes from government planning and programs to be treated seriously.

The Committee is always looking for assistance as we generally have more things to do than our existing capacity allows. Just let one of the committee members know that you are available and we will contact you with details on how you might be able to help.

By joining you will receive the following benefits:

  • you will have a say in your community, influence outcomes and become part of a vibrant organisation;
  • you will be able to vote at Annual General Meetings on proposed resolutions and nominations for committee positions;
  • you will be better informed on what is happening in your suburb and in turn increase your ability to influence outcomes.

You will receive a confirmatory email

If you do not receive it shortly please check your spam and trash folders (if in spam/trash whitelist us in your mail program)