HCA newsletter 22 September 2021

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Welcome to the Hackett Community Association’s (HCA) September 2021 newsletter.Farewell Playground Training
It is sad news that Alicia Cummings has moved out of the Hackett Shops.  Alicia started Playground Training at the shops in 2018.  Her sessions proved very popular, particularly with women and pregnant/new mums with babies.  During the Covid lockdown, Alicia is continuing her great classes on-line through her website https://playgroundtraining.com.au.  The HCA wishes Alicia all the best with her work.  North Canberra Osteopathy will be taking over the area in the coming weeks.

Tables at the shops… all wrapped up
In June this year, the ACT Government provided an additional table on the lawns at the shops.  You may have noticed last week that both tables have been wrapped in yellow and red tape with the words “Under investigation”.  It is understood that both tables need to be fixed to a concrete base.  Hopefully this will be done soon, so that visitors to the shops can sit and enjoy the spring air and admire the tulips that are coming into flower in the gardens. The HCA planted these bulbs in May 2020 as part of Floriade Reimagined.

Adopt a Park grant 2019-20 – Hackett shops gardens
The HCA manages a grant given to the Hackett Community Collective to develop a plan to enhance the gardens around the shops.  This project was delayed due to Covid restrictions in 2020, but the HCA is pleased to advise that community consultation will commence soon.  Watch out for a flier in your letterbox which will provide a QR code to access an on-line survey.  Subject to the comments provided, a plan will be prepared for submission to the ACT Government.

Loud explosions at the Majura Training Area
In the Majura Valley, north of the Canberra Airport, the Australia Army has the Majura Training Area.  From time to time, the training activities may involve use the of guns and explosives. Hackett residents may hear these noises – some pets may be frightened these sounds. Defence does not have a mailing list for organisations or individuals to receive updates on such activities.  To find out when they will be held please check for notices on:

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We will hold our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 26 October 2021, 7.30-9.00pm, via Zoom.  If you would like to join the meeting, or be on the Committee, please send an email to info@hackett.asn.au.

Hackett Community Association
September 2021

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