newsletter 18 March 2021

HCA Newsletter 18 March 2021 

Clean Up Australia Sunday 7 March

The HCA had another bumper year in cleaning up Hackett for Clean Up Australia Day (CUAD). On a beautiful autumn day, 24 volunteers helped clean up our lovely suburb and we are thankful for their effort. About 20 bags of rubbish were collected. We recycled bottles and plastic containers. The areas targeted were the parklands along Phillip Avenue, Hackett Oval, and the open spaces along Antill Street. Our youngest clean-up member was 3 years old. If you register with CUAD, any day of the year you will be covered by their insurance. Now that is something to think about. The HCA would like to thank Terry de Luca who has coordinated the Hackett CUAD every year since 2003 – well done Terry.

Hackett shops upgrade

In the ACT Government’s “Our CBR” update 19 February 2021, there was a note about a refresh of Hackett shops to “improve access and provide a new picnic table”.  Pathways on the north side of IGA and Mills St have been either repaved or new ones created. The HCA welcomes this work and looks forward to seeing the new table.

Mosaic Mural for the Hackett shops

You may be familiar with the metal frame in the garden adjacent to the IGA store, often cluttered with bits of notices over the years.  The HCA is pleased that the Blue Gum Community School has installed a very colourful tile mosaic mural in the frame.  The mural depict images of the plants and animals and other features the students have seen during their visits to Mt Majura.  It really adds colour and interest to this open space.  Congratulations to Mikki Trail, the art coordinator, and the students who contributed to the mural.

Thefts from Blue Gum buses  

On a slightly more negative note, the Blue Gum school wants to let the rest of the Hackett community know about some damage recently done to their buses. Their two mini-buses had a team of people steal their catalytic converters on Friday 5March. Not an easy task, but police have told Blue Gum that they targeted vehicles out of garages in Hackett and Downer. So if you start your car and it sounds like the muffler is missing it is probably the catalytic converter!

Music in the Park

Will be held in the Bragg Street Park on Saturday afternoon, 17 April 2021. Local musicians will be playing from approx. 2pm until dusk. There will be a gold coin donation to raise money for ongoing improvements being made in the park. For further information, contact John and Christy Murray at

ACT Women from multicultural backgrounds

Women’s Health Matters (WHM) is conducting a community consultation survey of ACT women from multicultural backgrounds to learn more about their health and wellbeing needs. This is an opportunity for them to share their voice. The survey will help WHM to identify gaps, barriers and emerging trends that will influence and inform future advocacy efforts. The survey is open till COB Friday 2 April 2021. The survey can be accessed at survey explores how women from multicultural backgrounds in the ACT:

  • understand and manage their health and wellbeing needs,
  • which health services and supports they access,
  • whether there are barriers to that access, and
  • what methods they use to seek health and wellbeing information.

Stay Covid safe with the Check in Canberra at the Hackett Oval

If you visit the Hackett Oval you may see the Covid app QR sign attached to the fences. It is understood this is aimed at groups using the oval for sporting activities.  It is easy to use.

Review of e-scooters in Canberra

There will be a six-month review of e-scooters operating in Canberra.  Elizabeth Lee MLA and Member for Kurrajong, is interested in receiving your feedback on e-scooter safety via a survey at:

Equipment for use by community groups

The HCA has the following items for its use and for lending to Hackett community groups and residents:

  • Gazebo 3mx3m
  • Two power leads each 20m long
  • Wheelable esky
  • Electric 8 litre urn
  • 70 metres of garden hoses
  • Collapsible table
  • A-frame poster board and a blackboard

If you would like to borrow any of these, please send an email to

Next meeting

Tuesday 13 April 2021, 7.30-8.30pm in room behind the hall at Blue Gum ( subject to any Covid restrictions). If you would like to raise any issues and are unable to attend, please send an email to


Hackett Community Association

18 March 2021


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