Newsletter April 2020


Newsletter April 2020

Dear HCA members
It’s been several months since I sent out our last newsletter and much has happened in that time. Of course, everyone has been affected by the corona virus – I trust you are managing the lock down well. One of the great benefits of living in Hackett is our proximity to the bushland on Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie – the perfect place for exercise and fresh air. But our wide streets also enable us to get out and refresh ourselves while still having conversations with people as we keep our social distancing on either side of the street!!
So here is an update on what has been happening with the HCA and in the suburb.

New HCA website

Our new website is up and running This site has been developed by Gaffer Designs who have designed websites for many Canberra organisations.

Please note that the former HCA websites are being closed down and will no longer include information about the HCA
– and They should have a redirect notice put on them soon, or your search engine will say it cannot open the page. I suggest you bookmark our new website for future reference.

The new website includes:

a page about the suburb with key events, list of street names and street trees.
details about the HCA including a list of committee members and minutes of meetings going back to the inaugural meeting in 2002.

a Community Actions page which highlights some of the outcomes from the work of the HCA. It also includes short notes about some of the other community organisations in Hackett.
a list, with links to websites or Facebook pages, of Hackett community organisations and businesses, schools, and community organisations in neighbouring suburbs. If you would like your Hackett organisation or business listed, please send us details. A forum page through which residents can share their ideas on issues relevant to the suburb.

The website is still in its early days so we would love to receive feedback and suggestions on any improvements we could make.

Improvements to the Hackett shops precinct

In June 2019, the HCA Committee sent the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, a plan which set out which set out a range of actions that would enhance this
area. Since then, many things have been done including cleaning up the garden, repainting the garden edges, and provision of two new metal seats in the paved area. A complete list of what was requested in the plan and their status can be viewed at

Community actions

The Hackett Compost Collective, run by HCA Committee member Brook Clinton, was successful in receiving a grant from the ACT Government under the ACT Community Zero Emissions Grants Program 2019-20. The project called ‘Small measures count for a lot with community composting’, has involved setting up composting bins on the north-west side of IGA, near Mills St. As well as collecting kitchen scraps from across Hackett, Brook provides information sessions for residents. The end product is a nutrient rich product that is given back to participants to add to their own gardens.
Shareable Hackett
Shareable Hackett has been set up by Meg and Cristy Clark as a way to “build community, to share skills and resources, and to build on existing local initiatives to move towards a more sustainable future.” A key aim of this project is to create more of a circular economy and could include a library of things for people to borrow, community gardens, street libraries and repair places.

Adopt a Park grants
Gilruth Park
The Gilruth Park Supporters Group received a grant through the 2019-
2020 Adopt-a-Park Community Grants Program for a project called “More Shade and Seating – Gilruth Park, Hackett”. The HCA administers the funds in partnership with the group. The project will involve:

community consultation and site planning;
purchase and planting of six shade trees and thirty bird attracting shrubs; painting existing benches; and
purchase and positioning of ten large rocks.

The group will undertake much of the work themselves, except for the positioning of the large rocks which will be done by a contractor.
Hackett shops garden
The Hackett Community Collective also received a grant through the 2019- 2020 Adopt-a-Park Community Grants Program for a project called “Hackett Shops Garden Project.” The HCA also administers the funds in partnership with the group. The project will involve:

engagement of a landscape architect to work with the community to develop a plan for enhancing the gardens at the shops.

The outcomes from this project will complement the work already done as a result of the HCA plan for the shops submitted to the Chief Minister in mid 2019.

Thank you to Dorothy Mackenzie

In the April edition of the Hackett Neighbourhood Watch (HNHW) Newsletter, there was a thank you to Dorothy Mackenzie for her 20 plus years volunteering with the HNHW. I would also like to acknowledge Dorothy’s work with the HCA. She started with the first committee in 2002, and was Secretary from 2003-07, Deputy Secretary from 2008-10, and then a committee member to 2012. It is residents like Dorothy who help make and improve a local community. We wish Dorothy all the best in her new neighbourhood.

Proposed redevelopment of SES depot

At the southern end of the Hackett Oval is an ACT SES depot (Holtze Close, Block: 13 Section: 12.) There is a proposal for this site to be redeveloped into a new SES depot. According to the Development Application 201936633, it will involve “demolition of existing structures, tree removal, construction of single storey emergency station comprising of training rooms, amenities, vehicle parking and garages, verge crossing, landscaping and associated site works.” If you would like to make a submission about this proposal, representations close on 22 April 2020. The complete application can be viewed on the ACT LPA site

Meetings of the HCA Committee

The Committee normally meets on the second Tuesday of the month (except July, December and January) at 7.30pm in the room behind the main hall at the former Hackett Primary School. However, due to the corona virus, these face to face meetings will not be held until further notice. The Committee is looking at holding Zoom meetings. If you would like an issues to be raised please let me know by replying to this email.

Chris Mobbs
Hackett Community Association 15 April 2020

PS – looking for something new to read during the corona lock down? The book “Hackett – 50 years plus, Story of a North Canberra suburb“, will be perfect – only $20 at Hackett IGA – ask for a copy at the checkout.


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