Newsletter February 2021

Clean Up Australia Sunday 7 March

The Hackett Community Association is running its annual Clean Up Australia table at the Hackett shops between the hours of 10am and 1pm. You will need to register on the day and if possible bring your own gloves. Bags will be provided. Volunteers usually give an hour of their time which is greatly appreciated. It is surprising how much rubbish accumulates over the year, especially in parklands and the nature strips on Antill Street and Phillip Avenue and near the SES depot. Any queries, contact Terry de Luca, the site supervisor, via

 Hackett shops upgrade

In July 2020, Minister Chris Steel issued an announcement on improvements to several ACT shops which included Hackett shops – his statement referred to “small-scale pathway and kerb ramp improvements for accessibility and safety.”  The HCA noticed that in late 2020, the carpark spaces had been repainted but nothing further. Then in the ACT Government’s “Our CBR” update 19 February 2021, there was a note about refresh of Hackett shops to “improve access and provide a new picnic table”.  You may have seen the repaving of pathways on the north side of IGA and on Mills St. The HCA welcomes this work and looks forward to seeing the new table.

Mosaic Mural for the Hackett shops

You may be familiar with the metal frame in the garden adjacent to the IGA store, cluttered with bits of notices.  The HCA is pleased that the ACT Government has given approval for the Blue Gum Community School to install a tile mosaic mural in the frame.  The mural will depict images of the plants and animals and other features the students have seen during their visits to Mt Majura.  It will be installed very soon.

 ACT 2020-21 budget submission

As part of developing its annual budget (recently announced), the ACT Government invited the community to provide input – see  In November 2019, the HCA submitted a proposal (no 237) requesting the provision of tables in the five Hackett parks (i.e. Tyron St-Mackenzie St, French St, Gilruth St, Caldwell St and Bragg St). Last year tables were installed in the Gilruth and Bragg St parks.  We hope the other parks will receive tables this year.

Hackett book

The HCA book “Hackett – 50 years plus: Story of a North Canberra suburb,” is still available but stocks are going fast (only five remaining). Pick up your copy from Hackett IGA for only $20 – ask at the checkout for a copy.

Equipment for use by community groups

The HCA has the following items for its use and for lending to Hackett community groups and residents:

  • Gazebo 3mx3m
  • Two power leads each 20m long
  • Wheelable esky
  • Electric 8 litre urn
  • 70 metres of garden hoses
  • Collapsible table
  • A-frame poster board and a blackboard

If you would like to borrow any of these, please send an email to

Neighbour Day 2021 Sunday 28 March 2021

“Neighbour Day ( is Australia’s annual celebration of community, encouraging people to connect with their neighbours. Neighbours matter (whether near, far, or online), and now, more than ever, is the time to make creative connections and to stay connected.  Knowing your neighbours, and your broader community has never been more important.  Relationships Australia as the home of Neighbour Day believes in the power of the Australian community to support its most vulnerable, to tackle loneliness, and to work together to ensure healthy and safe relationships throughout the pandemic, and beyond.”

“Neighbour Day 2021 WILL take place on Sunday 28 March, providing all Australians with an opportunity to recognise the strength we draw from our communities, and to continue to build creative connections within neighbourhoods and wider communities. We are asking everyone to get creative, reach out, and to encourage social connection.”


Hackett Community Association

25 February 2021


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