Newsletter June 2020

Traffic concerns on Madigan St

We have had a number of residents raise concerns with us, about cars speeding along Madigan St.  As you would know, there is a 60kmh speed limit along the street and down to 40kmh as it passes Blue Gum Community School.  However, some motorists seem to think it is a race track and often exceed the speed limits.  Other areas of concern include speeding on Maitland St and Phillip Avenue, and poor visibility approaching the pedestrian crossing near the shops.  In the past we have also had a high volume of traffic in the mornings as drivers attempt to find a quicker way to Majura Ave.  This was largely addressed by the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Phillip and Majura (which removed the incentive to go through Hackett), but we need to keep this under review (see page 97 of the Hackett book for further information about traffic issues in the past). The HCA Committee will consider this matter at its next meeting on 14 July, with the aim of compiling a list of issues and providing these to the ACT Government for action.  If you would like to provide any comments or highlight problems please send us an email to

Equipment for use by community groups

The HCA has recently purchased the following items for its use and for lending to other Hackett community groups:

  • Gazebo 3mx3m
  • Two power leads each 20m long
  • Wheelable esky
  • Electric 8 litre urn
  • 70 metres of garden hoses
  • Collapsible table
  • A-frame poster board and a blackboard

If your community group would like to borrow any of these, please send an email to

Floriade: Reimagined in Hackett

A planting session was held at the shops on 30 May, with the planting of 1,200 tulip bulbs and 600 pansies and poppies. The gardeners included Gabbi and Will Aikman, Tess and Tony Steele, Bruce Smith, Chris and Barbara Mobbs. The HCA also gave 100 bulbs to the Hackett Preschool.  Blue Gum Community School and the Gilruth Park group have also planted some.  Hackett will be in full bloom in September-October. For more details about activities across Canberra visit Floriade reimagined.

New HCA website  

How well do you know your suburb?  Here are three questions to test your knowledge:

  1. The streets of Hackett are named after:
    1. bushrangers, mining magnates and crooks.
    2. famous Australian artists and writers.
    3. prominent Australian scientists.
  2. Of the 44 streets and places in Hackett, how many are named after women?
  3. How many of the streets are also named after winners of the Victorian Cross?

You can find the answers on the HCA’s new website at, which includes lots of interesting facts and photos about Hackett, including a list of the street names and who they are named after.  We will provide the answers in our next newsletter.

Rusty Mals reopens

With the easing of the Covid-19 restrictions, it is great to see Rusty Mals has reopened.  For more details, visit their Facebook page

 Indian Mynas

A Hackett resident recently contacted us about Indian mynas in Hackett.  This introduced species causes problems for native wildlife by taking over nesting hollows, evicting birds and small mammals, and preying on nestlings. Fortunately there is a community group taking action to reduce the numbers of this pest in Canberra – the Canberra Indian Myna Action Group Inc (CIMAG) formed in April 2006. If you would like to join this group please visit their website

indian myna                 noisy minere (native species)

Hackett book

The HCA book “Hackett – 50 years plus: Story of a North Canberra suburb,” is still available. Pick up your copy from Hackett IGA for only $20 – ask at the checkout for a copy.

Meet our Committee

Chair – Chris Mobbs

Secretary – Bruce Smith

Deputy Secretary – Kay Murphy

Treasurer – Terry de Luca

Public Officer – Chris Mobbs

Members – Greg Hughes, Brook Clinton, Scott O’Bara, John Carty

Meetings of the HCA Committee

The Committee normally meets on the second Tuesday of the month (except July, December and January) at 7.30pm in the room behind the main hall at BlueGum Community School. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, these face to face meetings are not being held – we are Zooming instead. The Committee is holding its next meeting on 14 July 2020 via Zoom. If you would like to raise any issues please send an email to

Annual General Meeting (AGM)-  Subject to lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, we will hold our AGM, on Tuesday 9 October 2020, starting at 7.30pm in the meeting room, Maitland House.

Chris Mobbs

Chair, Hackett Community Association

22 June 2020

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